Impawtant Pet Information

Sizing Guide

Pet Vest Size Length (Neck to Hip) Width Example Dog Breeds* Example Cat Breeds*
Small 40cm 19cm Maltese
Yorkshire Terrier
French Bulldog
Australian Silky Terrier
Cornish Rex
Japanese Bobtail
American Curl
Medium 55cm 25cm Beagle
King Charles Cavalier
Cocker Spaniel
Border Collie
Siberian Cat Ragamuffin
Turkish Van
Maine Coon
British Shorthair
Large 70cm 32cm Labrador
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
German Shepard
Australian Cattle dog

*Please use as guide only.

We recommend using measurements for closest choice.

No exchanges once pet vest has been received so please ensure you consider before selection.

Pet Bios

Bentley is a young Maltese Terrior - she is only 18 months old and still full of that puppy enthusiasm. She has got the hang of liver treats and that if she obeys the boss she gets more. She just forgets sometimes and when she is playing in the park it is harder to hear anyone yelling at her to “COME BACK HERE NOW”. She is a small dog and wears the small Vestive Pet Vest in a loose but casual way. It compliments her carefree spirit and her passion for looking good on days out in and around town. Her best mate is Stuey the dachshund - little legs but a big heart. She feels sorry for Stuey as he hasn’t got a Pet vest. Maybe he’ll get one for Christmas.

Meet Jamie…. He wears a medium & is a 9 year old groodle - a cross between a golden retriever and a moyen poodle. He likes lazy days in the sun, chasing anything that begins with the letter B and is on a strict allergy free Hills diet. He is not a big fan of the fairer sex - he had his knackers removed at a young age and he hasn’t been the same since. He is a complex creature who has abandonment issues but those are easily forgotten when his ears are rubbed and he has a belly full of food.

Boris is a Golden Lab. He has seen it all before.

A wise old hound in a young dog’s body - he is only 5!. The little yappy ‘oodle things that race around and jump on him are a bit irritating and a bit too quick when he wants to teach them a lesson or two about life. He appears grumpier than he really is but he enjoys the respect many folk show him.

Boris is a dog on a mission. - he knows his most important job is to look after the boss and that means listening and doing exactly what he is told, the whole time. Only the best will do for Boris and that is why he wears the Large Vestive Pet Vest. It sits perfectly across those broad shoulders! Boris is never quite relaxed, but he certainly feels at ease in his vest!